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Title I Policy Involvement Plan

Hughes Elementary School

Title I Targeted Assistance Parent

Involvement Policy



Our Vision

Part I: Policy Involvement

Part II: Share Responsibilities for our building

Part III: Building Capacity for Involvement

Part IV: Accessibility



Our Vision

Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. When a connection and partnership in education are formed cooperatively, positive results happen. High student achievement, a reduction in absenteeism and improved behavior are developed between parents and staff.



Part I- Policy Involvement

The Hughes Elementary Title I Assistance Parent Involvement Policy was created as a collaborative effort between parents and staff. Parents play a key role in development of this policy and we continue to utilize their feedback and suggestions in order to update and improve our Title I program.


Hughes Elementary will convene two annual Title I meetings per school year.


Hughes Elementary School will:
Hold an annual targeted assistance Title I Meeting in the Fall and Spring

The purpose of these meetings will be to share the Title I Targeted Assistance Plan, review the School Parent Involvement Policy, and to explain our Title I Program and how parents can be involved to help their child be successful.

Parents will be notified of the meetings through a written note and reminder note, along with phone reminders.

Our second meeting will be informational and generated as a family fun themed night.  Families will be provided with materials for home, such as, books, writing materials and suggestions for family reading within their homes.


Hughes Elementary will offer flexible meeting times, locations, and varied activities designed to support and encourage the involvement of all parents:

Open House/Curriculum Nights

Parent Workshops (daycare provided)

Parent/Teacher Conferences

PCO Activities (meetings, fun fair, science fair, movie nights, etc.)

Flexible IEP times

March Is Reading: Family Fun Night

Field Trips

Scholastic Book Fairs

Accelerated Reader Awards Assembly in Spring

Contact with intervention specialists and counselor

Classroom Volunteers


Hughes Elementary will Involve parents in planning, reviewing, and improving the targeted assistance Title I program, including the School and District Parent Involvement Policy.


Hughes Elementary will ensure the involvement of parents in planning and reviewing the Targeted Assistance Title I program by:

Reviewing the School Parent Involvement Policy at the first Title I parent meeting of the year

Posting the parent Involvement Policy for parents to review during November Parent Teacher conferences (located in the school office)

Reviewing and distributing Parent Compact at the parent conferences and the beginning of a student’s program

Conducting Parent surveys at the parent/teacher conferences and at the end of the school year

A yearlong process of reviewing and revising the Parent Involvement Policy to incorporate suggestions based on the Parent Survey results

Holding a Title I meeting twice a year to review the Title I program, Parent Involvement Policy and ask for suggestions for improvement 

Hughes Elementary will provide timely information about the Targeted Assistance Title I Program, the academic curriculum, assessments used to measure progress, and grade level expectations.

Hughes Elementary School will provide timely information through:

Annual Title I meetings

Fall Curriculum Nights/Open-House

Parent Conferences (November and February/ and additional conferences upon parent request)

School/Classroom Newsletters/District Newsletters

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Home visits (GRSP Preschool)

District Web Site - Policy

Parent Workshop (children included)

Telephone calls/E-mail correspondence

Parent-Student Handbook


Hughes Elementary will provide parents the opportunity to interact with teachers regarding the education of their children,  include parents in the decision making process and utilize their suggestions for improvement and revise the Targeted Assistance Plan to meet student and parent needs,  and share revisions with appropriate administrators and stakeholders.


Hughes Elementary School will provide parents an opportunity to interact with their children’s school by:

Conduct a Parent Survey in the winter/spring for all parents

Hold a Title I meeting in the  beginning / spring school year to review the Title I program, parent involvement policy, and ask for suggestions for improvement.

Provide parents with a short survey so they may provide feedback on the program both in a written and verbal format. These suggestions will be used to revise the Parent Involvement Policy,  when appropriate

Parent conferences November and February with additional conferences upon parent request

Telephone Calls/E-mail correspondence between parents, teachers and school



Part II:  Share Responsibilities for High Student Academic Achievement


Hughes Elementary will develop jointly with parents and teachers a School/Parent/Student Compact. The  compact will outline ways in which the parents, school staff, and students will work together to ensure high student academic achievement.

The compact will be reviewed and discussed during fall and winter parent-teacher conferences.

Marshall Public Schools have developed a School/Parent/Student Compact.


The Parent/Teacher/Student compact was developed by the school district leaders, parents, and teachers

The compact is reviewed and given to all parents, teachers, and students serviced. (Beginning of the child’s individual program throughout the year.) Teachers discuss how the compact relates to the success on each individual child. This ensures a strong home/school connection and allows all stakeholders to have a voice.

Provide frequent reports to parents on their children’s progress

Hughes Elementary School will provide various academic reports to parents

Reports cards (November, February, June)

Parent Teacher Conferences (additional conferences available upon request)

Progress Reports (November, February, and June)


Hughes Elementary will afford parents reasonable access to staff and provide opportunities for parents to volunteer, participate,  and observe in their child’s classroom. 


Hughes Elementary School encourages parents to participate in the following activities:

PCO (Parent Teacher Organization)

Special Event Volunteers

Chaperones for field trips

Media Center helpers

Classroom Observation Upon Request

Classroom Volunteers


Hughes Elementary will provide frequent reports to parents on their child’s progress.


Hughes Elementary School will provide the following academic reports to parents:

Report cards: November, February, April and June

M-STEP results

Phone calls/E-mails

Parent Teacher Conferences in November and February (or as needed)

Home visits (as needed)


Hughes Elementary will provide parents of participating Title I children a description and explanation of the curriculum in use at the school, the forms of academic assessment used to measure progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet. Assessments used to measure academic progress include:

Fountas and Pinnell (guided reading)

MLPP (Literacy assessments and benchmarks)

District (Eureka) Math standards

STAR Reading

Accelerated Reading

District Writing Standards

Part III: Building Capacity for Involvement


Hughes Elementary will provide information and assistance to parents regarding the state and local academic standards and assessments:


To ensure that parents are informed about academic standards and assessments, Hughes Elementary School will provide the following:

Parent Conferences: November, February, and (June conferences available upon request)

Local assessment information (M-STEP, district benchmark assessments) shared with parents at conferences

Students receiving additional assistance will be progress monitored on a biweekly basis depending on student need. Information will be shared with parents when appropriate.

Literacy Interventionists will available at conferences to provide information and answer questions about assessments


Hughes will provide materials and training to parents:


Hughes Elementary School offers training and materials to parents through the following events and activities:

Kindergarten Orientation (incoming students and parents attend)

Parent workshops (daycare provided)

Take Home Book Program

Provide lists of community resources to individual parents and assistance in accessing these resources, as needed

Summer Reading Program at the Public Library

Monthly school newsletter/Classroom newsletter/ District publications

District Website Learning Tab - provides parents with materials and resources to help their child achieve success

Volunteer situations

Family Fun Night

Scholastic Book Fair

Field Trips


Hughes Elementary will educate teachers, Title I staff,  and principals regarding the value of parent involvement, ways to communicate effectively with parents, and implementation of parent programs.


Hughes Elementary School values and respects parent involvement in the school community.

Parent involvement will be part of the professional development plan. Staff will engage in P.D. and District provided P.D. to learn how to implement new ideas for effective parent communication. When situations occur that involve students or the welfare of the entire community, parents are always the first point of contact. District allows teachers to utilize district websites to post classroom newsletters and materials and resources to the classroom pages.


Hughes Elementary will coordinate parent involvement activities with other programs:


Hughes Elementary School will work to coordinate programs to ensure success  for all:

Kindergarten Orientation: activities to educate preschool parents, daycares and community stakeholders on Kindergarten expectations.


Summer Library Program

Building tour: New students and their parents invited to Hughes to tour the building

Intervention programs in grades K-5


Hughes Elementary will Inform parents of school and parent programs in a timely and practical format:


Hughes Elementary will  ensure that all parents are informed in a timely and user-friendly manner, Hughes Elementary will provide:

District websites updates

E-mail reminders of upcoming events

School Newsletter/Classroom Newsletter/District Newsletter all written in a language parents can understand

Phone calls, home visits

Weekly take home folders

Hughes Elementary will provide support for parental involvement at their request.

Hughes Elementary School will make every effort to accommodate parent requests to ensure that students and parent individual needs are met in order to foster more positive parent involvement



Part IV:  Accessibility


Hughes Elementary will have parent involvement activities,  accessible to all parents, including those with disabilities and parents who use English as their 2nd language.


Hughes Elementary School will provide:

Flexible meeting times

Handicapped Accessible Facilities

School Newsletter/Classroom Newsletter/District Newsletter all written in a language parents can understand

Collaboration with community agencies;( i.e.,Mobile Dentist; Community Mental Health)

Home visits

Transportation, assistance, (i.e., Dial-A-Ride) 

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