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Values Exploration at Ludington Center with Albion College Career Staff INFORMATION and ENROLLMENT
Eastern Calhoun Early College (ECEC) is a partnership of Marshall Public Schools and Kellogg Community College. 9th and 10th grade students and their parents interested in the early college program should contact Program Coordinator, Kathy Doud. Next steps are then to receive the information packet, complete the application materials, and set up a time to interview with Mrs. Doud and KCC Staff. The majority of activities for the early college take place at the Kellogg Community College Eastern Academic Center Campus (14055 26 Mile Rd., Albion). Contact the ECEC office at 517-629-7547 or email [email protected] to obtain more information between the hours of 7:30AM & 3:00PM. 


MAY 29: Memorial Day Holiday - No School

JUNE 13: Last Day of School - Students Attend AM Only

Friday Schedules


5/5- KCC Main Campus Department Visits. Bring money to eat at KCC grill. Bus picks up at MOHS at 10:30, MHS 10:45, then onto KCC Main Campus. Returns to MHS at 2:15.

5/9- Picnic and College and Career Readiness Activities - Bring a dish to pass.

5/12- MHS Bus picks up at normal time to work at Gardner House Museum. Bring work clothes, shoes, gloves, and your own picnic items to eat there.
Albion Tour Encourages Career Options and Community Involvement

Eastern Calhoun Early College students advanced on an escapade through Albion.

First enjoying Albion’s Lopez Tacos House, the ECEC union then received a history lesson about the Gardner House Museum in downtown Albion. Collectively, we learned about the how the house has exchanged hands and became deteriorated with time and usage and eventually lead to abandonment. The Albion Historical Society has graciously restored the historic house with plenty of accuracy and donations from all over the country. Back to back, the ECEC group next toured the Bohm Theatre. The group saw the back stage, the second part of the theatre, and listened to the history and the remodeling process that made the Bohm what it is today. ECEC quickly transferred its’ attention to Albion’s Economic Development Corporation. E.D.C. serves the communities by inviting other businesses and industries to the Albion area to stimulate the economy. Early college students learned that this particular job works from a political standpoint, which requires tedious reading, writing, and comprehension skills to file for grants to allow the city of Albion to show an exuberant growing economy. This is just one of the ECEC group trips to experience other forms of careers that might appeal to our eyes and future, and a chance to be involved in our community.

Applications are still being accepted for the early college program.
Current 10th graders (Class of 2019) may apply through August 2017. Current 9th graders (Class of 2020) must successfully complete the College and Career Readiness Class at MHS in 10th grade and then apply. MOHS students please see Mr. Wallace about attending.  
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Kellogg Community College Eastern Academic Center Building
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Albion, MI 49224
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