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Where and How to Enroll Students

During the summer months, elementary and middle school students may be enrolled at the Central Administration Office located at 100 East Green Street. High school students should make an appointment at the high school principal's office (located at 701 North Marshall Avenue) to meet with a guidance counselor. During the school year, enrollment would be at the school of attendance. Registration days for new and returning middle and high school students are held prior to the first day of school. Students should attend this meeting in order to obtain their registration packets that include their schedules and lockers. Office staff returns to school two weeks prior to the first day of school.
Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions
QUESTION: How old must children be before they can be enrolled in kindergarten?

ANSWER: Children must be five on or before September 1st to be eligible for kindergarten.

QUESTION: Are there any exceptions to enrolling children in kindergarten before they turn five?

ANSWER: Details regarding the age requirements and waiver are outlined in the following link: Letter and Waiver
QUESTION: Are there any requirements that have to be fulfilled?

ANSWER: For all new students in grades K-12 from other states, other districts and for all kindergarten students; parents / guardians will need to bring record of immunizations, their child’s original birth certificate and other legal papers for registration.

QUESTION: How are children assigned to neighborhood schools?

ANSWER: Elementary (K-5) students are assigned to an elementary school after considering the following factors: where they reside, if they have siblings enrolled in an elementary school, as every effort is made to keep siblings in the same elementary school; and which school has the smallest class size. Parents can determine their elementary school assignment by calling 269-781-1257 or any of the elementary school buildings.

QUESTION: How are transportation arrangements made?

ANSWER: Information about the transportation system is available by calling the Transportation Office at 781-1341.

NOTE: Elementary students may have to walk up to a half mile to a bus stop, while middle school and high school students may have to walk up to one mile.

QUESTION: What fees have to be paid?

ANSWER: There is a $20.00 book deposit fee for middle school students and a $20.00 book deposit for high school students. No deposit is required for elementary. There is a $50.00 limit per family. (Any family who has paid more than $50.00 total may request reimbursement after the 4th Friday of the school year.) If deposits are not claimed by the end of the school year, that amount will apply to the next year's deposit for returning students. Both book fees (MS and HS) are refunded upon withdrawal and/or graduation of that school level.

QUESTION: How does the school of choice process work?

ANSWER: If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Marshall Public Schools as a school of choice student, please contact the Superintendent's office at 781-1257.
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